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Teenage worries? Managing from a loving space.

None of us are feeling sure in each current moment, especially if we look outside ourselves to find that surety. With each day we wake up wondering (never more so than now in 2020) what the day will bring.

our 'normal' habits and waking moments are so open to the expansive space of being at home and . . . being at home some more. As creatures of habit, we fill every moment with doing, looking in so many directions for a calm sense of belonging or knowing.

If we see this global time and space as a slowing down and letting go (of work, unless you are a key worker, of business, of travel, of shopping habits, of cafe or bar meetings and even a letting go of hugging our family). It is a new direction to experience life from.

What we have left is the raw material we had as babies, and our life -memories and experiences. We are left to go inside ourselves to explore the landscape. In this unknown space, we all react differently. Like a new pair of shoes it feels a little strange at first. It is a new direction to experience life from.

We are in a time of sacredness, a space to learn about ourselves as never before, everything we need we will find in this inner landscape, a potential we have forgotten about. An inner grace calling out compassion and animated by love. You can see it on the streets even at a 2 metre distance. You can hear it in the clapping for our key workers . . . and you can feel it in the fears and anxieties. Love and fears are two sides of a coin, both teach us to grow and to get out of our own way.