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Making Assumptions.

We were all born with everything we will ever need and yet quickly learn to seek something bigger, better, faster, tastier.

The greatest manmade assumption is that we need to look externally for something to make us feel happier.

A little like the tree needing root, shoot, sun soil and water, I want to use the metaphor of natural growth and evolution to look at wellbeing

If you examine the evolution of mental wellbeing from the misunderstood days of the Victorian asylums, until approximately a decade ago, wellbeing or mental health was discussed in negative terms. In fact mental health was regarded as a clinical illness - as mental ill health. Wellbeing was regarded as unnecessary because you just had to get on with life. That work ethic, that stiff upper lip British culture.

As we are being encouraged to be physically healthy, could we also be spiritually and emotionally healthy too? And if so, how do we do this?

Wellbeing Gains - Becoming aware

Just as a tree has its root system to support its healthy growth and evolution from seed to maturity, no matter the weather, we also want to maintain the best version of us - no matter what is happening around us.

To be fully present, to have a good night's rest and a clear, creative mind ensures we feel settled and peaceful. Like the tree withstanding bad weather, we also let things flow through. This is when we feel most resilient and at our best

How do we remain resilient?

Through a simple understanding that we live in a thought felt experience of the world

We THINK and give our thought power or life

We then feel what we think

We then act or react accordingly. At this point we usually judge, blame, or become emotional, imagining it is something external causing our reaction. No,

We THINK and WE give our thought power or life

WE (not anyone else) then feel what we think

The 5 wellbeing checks for life

  1. Vitality - energetic alignment or SELF CARE

That sense of having energy comes from finding the FREEDOM from REACTIONS, from reaction to habitual, stressful, anxious, or upsetting thoughts. It is a space of possibility firmly aligned with your understanding that you design your own wellbeing, especially when you are not causing any roadblocks or resistance. You can do this by letting thoughts quiet down and settle before making further decisions.

2. Truth. There is only Truth. It is your authenticity as a constant, compared with thought which changes constantly

We all know when something is truthful, it causes no ripples, it is constant. TRUTH feels unconditional and light, not created by the power of your personal readily changeable thought, which can be influenced by your perception, by fear and by frustration. Your integrity is usually aligned with your moral compass and in this space, there is only unconditional love.

3 Connection. This is your unconditional connection to your own self first.

When we live in the NOW, we are allowing thought to flow on through, not giving it attention or power and we have 100% mental bandwidth, and we seem better able to hear our inner wisdom.

As opposed to our holding on to our thinking (overwhelm, frustration, stress) which clutters up our mind space and makes us fearful, & more readily judgemental.

We can show up in our lives from an unconditional space of connection, aligned and free in our thinking - or from a conditional space of disconnection, misaligned and far too attached to how things 'aught' to be.

4 Compassion

What do you love to do? When was the last time you did something purely for you (that did not involve the TV!)

When we forget to nurture ourselves, and we ignore the signals to take a break we risk a physical reaction, over tiredness, fuzziness, headaches - all are signals from your body to warn you of your misaligned thinking. There are some simple tips for self-care.

Take 5 minutes for P. C.R.A.B.

PAUSE check REST and BREAK (move, stretch, change views, open the door, wriggle, dance!)

When we understand that we are the key person in charge of our wellbeing, we are one step closer to constant peace and ease.

This is the final step TRANSFORMATION.

Many leaders I coach can manage all the extra work a crisis brings and still feel resilient, they maintain this through their understanding of how to let go of thinking; taking regular 1-2m minute breaks; being kinder to themselves and saying NO more often. Building and Awareness of your own wellbeing is transformational. It gives you a sense of being at home with yourself, every single day. And you get to hang around in the NOW not the worry of things to come, nor old memories that may overly concern you.

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