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Finding the JOY in every day

Do you ever feel overly busy Are you often racing against time - or running out of time?

Let me share with you a whole new way of being that will add THE greatest value to your life that you ever thought possible!

Dr Bill Pettit is coming to Manchester for a weekend conference this May on this very subject.

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We innocently create time pressure in our lives, almost daily. Time seems to challenge us, even appearing to squeeze the living daylight out of us. Although, we do not seem to realise how easy it is to gain freedom away from this type of thinking in our day.

Our invisible power

We are all born with mental wellbeing that can never be damaged or lost let me share with you a really clear understanding of this.

  • There are gifts working 'behind' our lives, in the same way as gravity does, or as our bodies repair and maintain; we breathe without thinking.

  • There is something universally intelligent beyond our current human reckoning that provides everything we need for our unique experience of life.

  • Wisdom, love and understanding are the main ingredients to allow us to have freedom from our busy, overwhelming, time thinking. They allow us to have infinite hope and choice.

Exploring the concept of your TIME

1. Distraction

Looking at your day as a full 24 hours, if you sleep for 6 that's 25%, Work for another 6 (25%) or 8 (33%) You have almost a whole half a day left.

What are you doing in this time? Are you watching TV for 3 hours a night (12.5%) OR 21 hours over a week! Nearly a whole day a week.

Are you on n social media for 2hours plus an hour of emails (12.5%)? OR 21 hours a week!

AGAIN! Nearly a whole two days a week.

2. Interruption

Are you procrastinating with disinterest or panic? Perhaps avoiding something? Swiping through twitter a day a week too? Nearly a whole 3 days a week now.

Do you see ?

The Good News

3. How responding to life rather than reacting brings greater harmony.

Feeling under pressure is feeling the thinking we have going on - experiencing time as a commodity that is running out quickly. Work Life balance is in the FEELING of what you are doing - not in the hours spent doing it.

Take breaks and move around every 45 minutes to an hour. This will also help you to let go of your pressured thinking. AND, why not plan an hour of doing something you really like every evening?

Do come along to the conference to immediately experience greater ease and peace in your life.

There is also a Facebook page for delegates and an introductory podcast with Dr Bill Pettit in the next week.