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Dialling up the wellbeing, dialling down the worry

A CALL for inner STILLNESS, your Self-Awareness for Healthy Wellbeing during this pandemic

Just as the world becomes topsy turvy, I am reminding you of the need to pause and be still.

The CALL TO 'STILL' ACTION is to ensure that you use this space to gift yourself the time to rediscover and reimagine a simpler way of being.

Why Stillness?  Being still leads you toward a greater awarenes of who you truly are, beyond the illusion of who you expect yourself to be

Our gains from inner quietude

· Our state of mind or our mood is what REALLY creates our experience in life

· Stillness allows us to captain our own ship / team infinitely and freely

· When we steer our own ship we are free to let our intuition & wisdom to take over.

· Being still helps us to become quiet, present and clear. Truly at our best

· Stillness allows us to slow down our thinking (revved up thinking can cause instant, regrettable actions and limited access to our mental resources. So we ‘bind’ our thinking).

· Our state of mind supports every part of our life – the more we try push or resist it, the stickier it becomes.

· The answers to any form of successful coping strategies are on the inside, always.

Your SUPERPOWER going forward will be your ability to be still and present to YOURSELF. Truly present.

Do not underestimate the mental health rewards of this; self- importance(by this I mean self -realisation) of putting you first. Living with a focus on how you can be responsive requires operating from a stillness, momentarily stepping back .

This still space inside is UTTERLY crucial for you; it amounts to being metally fit and healthy as a person and as a leader- going forward into the unpredictable UNKNOWN world we are facing often moment by moment.

How do you currently manage the unknown?

OLD ways of being and old LEADERSHIP HABITS are breaking down as are most systems (education, politics, the economy). An inner STILL SPACE means creating a new habit of taking time to step back and respond in a gentler less reactive way.

The LA and the Government are also readjusting and hopefully dialling down their demands of you. Yours have certainly been dialled up beyond anything ever asked of one human being – except for those in the NHS and the care system.

Teaching & Leading with Conscious Awareness .

Leading and teaching from an authentic heart space increases your awareness of a situation and allows you to respond wisely for the greater good.

Check out the podcast below for further support.