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Bridge of Hope - a wellbeing journey for schools

Wellbeing is a way of life, how you manage your experiences from birth until now. The greater the understanding of how to live with ease and peace no matter the external circumstances.

This Bridge of Hope Wellbeing Programme is designed to support your school staff and children during times of change and uncertainty. We already have concerns of safety on our minds before we even begin to adjust. Therefore, this programme has a very simple design with signposts to further exploration for staff who want to know more.

The adult programme is 5 simple videos you can watch together in school and staff can watch again at home.


There is a book that compliments the learning and an opportunity to take the learning further and to have a live staff coaching session for any questions.

The children's programme is in key stages, based around stories for younger children and coaching videos for 7-11 year olds .

There will be an added video for year 6 and the option of a transition ceremony for all children at the end of their learning. There are tried and tested simple activities throughout , all safe to use within the social distancing class bases.

For further information, contact Anni via the website.


Anni Poole is a global speaker, author, and former headteacher of 3 schools and has experience as an interim executive head and LA SIP for leadership.

Anni retrained with the world's top psychiatrist and psychologist for 2 years and is a Transformative Coach with years of experience in education.

Anni's passion is to bring an easier way to be in teaching and in life - one thought at a time!