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A Teacher’s Quest For the Pearl of Belief

Time and time again I observe teachers valiantly doing more than their job and never more so than this year. Seeking with sincerity and earnestness, the best way to educate our children. When you feel called to give service you answer with your heart, and with a freedom of mind that supports your passion for the job. Passion with such clarity, until the first doubt burrows through.

Doubts are signposts to your internal thought system. Doubts are self - created from an initial niggling thought, one that feels slightly uneasy and seemingly attracts other doubtful thoughts. Until your whole body doubts and you feel very uneasy. At this point it’s a great idea to let go of anything that will further fuel your unease - the news, some blame, some gossip. Or even that sense of flight, when you really want to run away or hide. Decisions are unclear and least rational in this space.

Your mind will settle if you don't keep highlighting this fear or doubt. It will settle and become quiet enough for you to touch your own wisdom - making your best decisions from here.

When you truly desire something, you ride the wave of doubt taking full charge of your own power.

This is your quest. Your calling.

All that is required of you now, is to have faith. As you seek to know what to do, have sheer faith in yourself.

This is your job; it drew you in.

This is your school.

These are your families, your children.

YOU know what is best for them.

You also know what is best for you.

We believe in you.

This is your quest, today, now; no single person finds life easy unless they have faith in themselves. We have faith in you. We believe in you, there is no room for doubt in a heart full of hope. Wherever you are today, at home or at school - be fully visible in your quest to serve, no matter what the press says. Begin by serving yourself. Surround yourself with others who also believe in you.

Believing is 99% of your work this week. You have got this!