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Why Coaching? Why not?

Let me illustrate to you a peaceful way of being? A sense of inner stillness that is always there no matter your circumstance. You just can't seem to find it? Often when in this situation feels insurmountable, tricky, slippery or totally overwhelming. You might feel lost, unable to organise yourself - or maybe even hopeless? Perhaps you are looking for something specific? A personal or a work goal?

Good news!

Coaching unfolds a sense of direction and clarity to aid you in each and every corner of your life and work. This coaching is immediately transformative from the get- go. WHY? Because for the first time ever, there is a conversation without fixing, or judging, or offering predesigned one size for all key steps.

The purpose of client centred coaching is one of understanding just how transformation can be so effective, with immediate impact

As human's we have many stories about our life. Stories about events or people that impress upon us greatly. If we are able to - we let them go. Alternatively we might store them until our imagination brings them to the fore again (and this can be so often we become anxious and stressed) - or we might even live in all our thinking around them, unable to see ANY new opportunities or escape from our dilemma.

I am privileged to have coached for over a decade and I have discovered key areas that clients focus upon. These are:

personal concerns

money worries



or home life.

Although the key areas may be the same, every client is unique in their perception of their own events, and coaching is a connection to that person enabling their individual rediscovery. There is more about this in my book entitled Simply Being YOU


( Clients can be leaders, team members, individuals, NHS workers, social workers, teachers. charity and other business workers, family members. Children and youth.)

Coaching opportunities

ALL true and permanent coaching begins with an understanding of yourself, how you operate; exploring how you react or create your life in the moment.

We are physically wired to react - our emotions trigger a hormonal response fight, flight or fright; designed to keep us safe. We are so much more than the physical output of the brain and so much more than the thought that triggers the emotions. It still amazes me that our thought can trigger a whole body response!

Reaction or creation

How we experience life, how we respond to life and to the situations we see around us, begins with a greater understanding of us.

Stepping away from what or who we perceive to be creates space, this space is where new ideas occur, new and infinite opportunities to transform, or create ,and a coach who is experienced, well trained and perceptive to you will begin by deep listening.

The coaching scenario

There are no preconceived models or ways of being in true personal coaching. The coach brings valued expertise in human Every human brings their own view of the world they exist within. This can be coaching for an anxiety; a wish to become unstuck; a way to create ease and space in your life; a loss; a designer approach (specific to you - planning a change, creating momentum, an interview and so on); a relationship breakdown (personal or work related); there are many ways coaching can support you.

All coaching begins with a 1:1 intake conversation (or group intake if desired at work), to form the coaching focus.

Work based coaching offers a specific focus, perhaps problem solving, up skilling, information training, team and leadership progress and strategy. It always begins with the premise of enabling you to understand your own mind or psyche. Or put simply - how you function in your world.

After all, you would not expect an outboard motor to function in the same way as an electric car - even though they are both engines!

Explore this further through the blogs on my website www.hlsgroup.net