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Freedom vs Fraughtdom!





This dual perspective is experienced by of most of humanity.

It is not how we were designed to experience this life.

How do I know?

Each of us has had that experience - that instant sense of falling in love.


Then it disappears again. And we might think that that sense of loving comes from the other person, the new baby, new family pet. It doesn't. it is from us.

The one and only relationship that brings the greatest freedom is the one where you truly understand YOURSELF. Understanding that you are on this earth to feel its joys. it's love' it's hope and its frustrations. All experienced in the NOW.

Having quality relationships during your experience of life, day to day, means understanding the ebb and flow of life and, of THOUGHT. We are all searching for lighter freer way to be, at work and at home. To see this, we also need to see the system we are designed by, once we catch a glimpse, we can experience who we are . . . able to be free, truly free.

Let's examine this in its entirety.

MR T for Teacher, has just started a new job he has been anxious about doing the right thing for the pupils. He is a newly qualified, and although older than average, this is his first teaching role. Mr T for Teacher is feeling utterly overwhelmed after the jam packed INSET day. So cluttered and full inside his head that he thinks he isn't going to last the week out.

What are his options?

  • Ask for help. His thinking says . . . and risk him seeming unable to do the job?

  • Put up with it . . . and worry some more, impacting the joy he could be feeling?

  • Follow this anxiousness all the way down the rocky road and LEAVE? Hopefully not.

Every choice comes into our head as a thought. Every decision we make, to ask for help, to put up with the worry, or however many thought choices we have - they pop into our head and choices present themselves as a thought.

The main reason we have thought is to give us choice and to remind us of the loving ease we can live by. Seriously.

I held a conference for 200 teachers this week. Quite a few new to role, new to school and NQT's. The one thing everyone had in common in the room was some anxiety. Change. A change in the way they were thinking from holiday mode to school mode, like flipping a switch. (The powerpoint is on my website www.hlsgroup.net)

The reasons we ever feel low is NOT circumstantial. Not the trainer, nor the training day, not the newness of the role, these are circumstances. Circumstances are like traffic building up - slowing down, creating jams, and traffic alone does not have the power to make traffic jams happen.

The reasons we feel low are NOT circumstantial. We feel low because we have tuned out of our OK with me loving space. We grip ourselves like an umbrella handle in the wind and tune out of the flow of the weather

What the last sentence means is this, we are not our circumstances and don't have to live or suffer in them. Life feels harder when we feel personally responsible. This is not who we are, we are not effortful behaviour. We are love (not romantic love - unconditional love). Our true identity is unconditional love, that is the system design - free of responsibility of anything other than to be us. Us without the overly necessary holding on vice- like grip to conditions and expectation.

We are that freedom we seek; it is who we truly are. Who we are before focussing on such expectations and agendas; before building up resistance, whatever that resistance might be; insecure thought is a SIGN that we have forgotten who we are. Worrying and trying to control our suffering, control our joy or freedom by blaming our knowledge, our inexperience , blaming others, blaming circumstance or pushing against life - is simply that we have forgotten who we are. We are meant to live with ease.

Our feelings are generated by something other than circumstance. Feelings come from THOUGHT. Thought is energy and not a construct. It is what we do with that thought energy that counts.

Thought comes and goes no matter what .

This is the dance of awareness. We are not in control!

It's such a relief to know that.

And so, if Mr T for Teacher, turns his back on (or ceases to focus on) his resistant, NOW thought being the cause of suffering, he falls back into clarity and his thought flows unconditionally, truthfully. He isn't imposing his unclear made up thinking over that clear flow.

NOTHING OUTSIDE ME causes my insecure thinking.

We experience the energy of thought and begin to attach meaning to it when we are toddlers. We create beliefs. Some are handed down through family repetition over the years. Knowing this, enables us to let it go.


Here's the key to all of this

Every human being on this planet is born with unconditional truth and the awareness to feel this. Feelings signify where our awareness is - thought flow and this brings a sense of ease, a lightness or freedom. Or thought with conditions wrapped around it - this can only feel heavy, and worrisome or irritable and a sign we have moved away from ease or truth.

Let me leave you with one thought.

YOU are NOT your THOUGHTS and you don't need to live in them!

Anni Silverdale Poole @Anni Poole www.hlsgroup.net

Director Head Teacher Leadership Services, HLS Impact

Anni is a Leadership and Transformational Coach in schools in the UK.

She is the author of Simply Being YOU.