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Teach, poise,wobble. Teach

As you step once more into the coming half term and thoughts flood in, the space and freedom you loved during half term seems to disappear.

You may be feeling overwhelmed?

Take heart.

Remind yourself that you are not just a doing working creature - you are a person who loves

every day in the same way as you love your holiday thinking!

Does holiday thinking appear lighter, more available? Does it feel greater fun? Perhaps you sense more choice and hope; infinite possibilities of what to do (or not) all streaming through your consciousness. Lightly treading the spaciousness of no work.

Until NOW?

Return to work time.

What actually changes in that space from holiday thinking to workplace thinking? Apart from the obvious preparation lists; perhaps some reading or learning for your teacher self? Is it a feeling of dread or what if thinking around performance or challenging pupils? You would not be alone here.

Teaching by it's very nature engages the intellect. The intellect is the worker bee endlessly gathering 'stuff' and returning fully laden to the hive or classroom. Toiling for others can mean you forget your own self care, until your body tells you it has had enough. The intellect cannot be used to solve feelings and emotions.

Are you ready to consider an alternative view?

Teach, poise, balance teach maybe?

Over the last three decades this intellect has been measured precisely and if teaching was just about sharing knowledge,we would have robots doing the role. Teaching is so much more, it has elegance and poise, love and joy. Parts that cannot ever be measured.

What is teaching to you? Is it being in front of many precious lives, some tiny some teenage? Is it about curiosity, those unforgettable experiences, respect, resilience, success and failure, and unconditional love for the role? Seeing every young human before you as unique, especially when they are challenging. It balances hope with a future; fun with learning; illustrating chances that will open up infinite opportunity. Infinite.

Now turn to look at you. What are your gifts? Where is your infinite hope? If you have it for the kids who turn up to your lessons; if you have it for their parent or carer; you can have it for yourself.



The resilience and contentment you have every Friday and each holiday is the same on a Sunday evening or the first day back after a break if you look in that direction.

Looking in a direction.

  • When we reach a point before our return to school, we sometimes feel a build up of thought pressure.

  • This conditional thinking comes from within us, from what we believe or fear; we use techniques to add to our overcrowded head. Trying to work it out, make it better.

  • In this space of 'trying' we are worn out - it takes a great deal of effort pushing through the intense thought jungle using intellect.

  • If we look in a different direction, sensing something quiet, or empty (nature, stars, water) there are no messages here - it's before concept. Before thought.

The space of no thought or no thing

Anything we hold onto or struggle with, is created by and experienced from our own thought.The 'muscle' for this is resilience,to allow difficulties to pass and to be able to let go of stale thinking brings great peace and ease.

Realising that thought is your stress and you are the creator of this (NOT the reactor to it happening beyond your control) brings a softer graceful feeling to Mondays and first days back. When you see this piece as creating thought, not lost in the content of it, a scarily dangerous white water rafting feeling as though life happened at you, not THROUGH you. When you see yourself creating your thought, you see how it flows and you are out of those sinking rapids. The irony is we create our own fun, joy, laughter, anxiety and blame. ALL of it. There's so much more to see of this understanding. Simply Being YOU.

Read more here https://t.co/XRRW8PYIMT Simply Being YOU