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A Barometer for our Resiliency

Resiliency is a gentle gift we all have, it is a core part of who we are.

It is our inner well- being and it is ever present. When we feel resilient we are trusting and open to what could be. We get out of our own way and allow that GREATER INTELLIGENCE to flow through us, life has clarity and ease. It feels wiser than ever I could be.

As an educator, we have a set of expectations of ourselves which we constantly monitor and check. We create expectations in all roles in life, as students, parents, the school community, board of governors, school inspectors and especially the government. The more we THINK about this, the more thinking we have and the further away we travel from who we really are- naturally resilient and clear moment to moment.

I recently returned to be a principal of an inner- city school on the edge of a city. This interim role seemed to be one of the most challenging roles I have ever done in 40 years of education. And yet it was also one of the easiest.

Why? I recognised when I became lost in my thinking. I knew when I had taken a detour from my inner resilience and became lost in my thinking. My head was like a hamster wheel, perpetually turning. Just in my very KNOWING that I always have resilience, I could feel a chink of possibility and hope in that moment. I gained enough clarity to see clearly and to laugh at my own antics. We always, always, bounce out of whatever the ‘mess’ is.

When I share ARC(Amazing Resilient Communities) coaching with children, they truly understand about being in the moment. They call their hamster wheel thinking ‘squiggly thinking’. They love to play around with their thinking in our coaching, exploring and managing their feelings and understanding that feelings are a great way of knowing just how ‘squiggly’ your thinking is. They call this their resiliency barometer. We share what we might do when we can’t seem to manage feelings.

Slowing down our thinking

Have you ever noticed that when we begin to feel stressed it feels as if time speeds up?

The best thing to happen to me on my journey along the M60 corridor around Manchester is the 50 mph speed limit. This has enabled me to drive slowly and think clearly and to have fresh thinking or insight about something I was concerned over.

It is an analogy for whenever I feel my thinking building up. I slow down, taking a 30 second break smiling at a pupil or looking through a window can be so restful.

If ever I feel lost in the drama of my life, and we all do from time to time, I sit under the sky, especially the stars. This, for me, touches the expansiveness of life, the possibilities I could never create from a busy worried mind. Failing all else I have a good cup of English tea and a holiday from my thinking. That chink or holiday is enough for me to slow down and allow fresh new thinking to flow through once more.

If you need more help to rediscover your well being and would like a face to face or skype conversation please contact me through www.hlsgroup.net.