The Twelve Wellbeing Days of December- Day 1

On The First Day of December, my wellbeing coach brought to me . . . A person who can't see the wood for the trees!

Managing the feeling of overwhelm, or of not being able to see the wood for the trees can be seriously impactful in our role . None of us enjoy the sensation of not feeling our best. What exactly causes this sensation? Firstly sensing something uncomfortable is brilliant! Yes - really! It signposts us toward needing to understand feeling down or feeling OK. The way our life works for us is through experiencing thought.

When the thought you are having is disruptive, distressing and unclear, your mind is messed up and so anything you do is from this fuzzy, overwhelming place. Its like a place of propaganda! The nature of feeling( anxious, bad, moody etcetera) comes from your messed up thought. Imagine a jar of water with sand in the bottom, something disturbs the jar and shakes it up. The water is now cloudy - you might say it looks stormy or chaotic. In order for you to see through the jar clearly once more, you wait for it to settle.

It is the same with unsettled, overwhelming thought.

And there's nothing to do in this space. If you do - Aaron Turner of One Thought says, it is like trying to clean your house with a dirty cloth! And what would the point in that be!

The reality is that the emotional turbulence is within you and not anywhere else. Understanding this (feelings are perceptions coming from your thinking) is seeing the rocky thinking as just that, a thought storm, and all storms settle. Our minds, our thoughts, will also settle in time.

ARE YOU ready for something else? Something refreshingly simple?

Taking a mini break from your thinking is the ultimate KEY here.

Letting go for just a few seconds – looking at a view, a smile, your hand even!

Even a tiny amount of space in your thinking allows you to slowly settle and operate from a clear empty mental space – fresh thinking then pops in with new ideas.

This pause or break space allows your body to stop being on alert, it slows life down to an easier pace. So you can begin to see clearly


SIMPLY be in the moment and this slowing down to settle your thought storm truly begins. Accepting that thoughts fluctuate and understanding that good, bad, indifferent, overwhelm or joy are all thought experiences helps you to let go of the fear surrounding them -as easily as possible.

DO not PUSH THROUGH this space, let it settle.

Perhaps go chat, drink tea ask someone how they are or if they would like some help;

look out of a window to notice the view; notice your office or room from a 360 degree view;

talk to a pupil you don’t know.

FIND the FUN in silly jokes! #FtF

Anni Poole.


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