On the Tenth Day of December my Wellbeing coach brought to me . . .


10 Gingerbread Lattes

When all the effort you can muster is going into drinking coffee to remain alert, and you have little energy left to respond to the niceties in life, it really is time to step away.

At this point, as I shared yesterday, there is no need to analyse anything – or to go over and over something that is draining you. There may be some mileage in asking for professional support if you are well and truly drained.

Begin by being OK with yourself

Dial your effort right down just for the next hour and sit somewhere you find comfortable indoors or out. When you feel uncertain about yourself or a situation it is because you have triggered your amygdala, the tiny almond shaped cluster inside the brain that is responsible for emotions such as fear.

The trigger is a natural response to our own thought.

And here is the biggest clue it is OUR OWN THOUGHT that triggers fight fright or flight


Just like the jar of shaken sand and water, or the shaken snow globe, we need to wait until our minds quiet down and then we have clarity and wisdom once more to know what the best will be for us.

I like complete silence when I feel uncertain and drained, a colleague of mine likes upbeat music and one friend I know goes swimming. When we choose something that feels comfortable, it is because it is neutral and does not demand a response.

Asking for help from a professional

As a coach, I know there is no ask too small or too great. We all become lost, deep in a well or down a rabbit hole – it is so very human. The reason is that our thoughts fluctuate and because we value the good thoughts more – they feel better too!

If you cannot invest in a coach, ask a friend or colleague to help you when you are drained or lost, stuck in the fog of nowhere.


  • To listen and not to fix you (you are never broken).

  • To listen without judging anything

  • To listen with a blank clear mind

Then they will connect with you.

Here is a clip of Dr Bill Pettit , a life long psychiatrist specialising in mental health, talking about coaching for mental wellbeing

Wishing you space in your day. Anni

Anni Poole The Wellbeing Coach and Warrior


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