On the Ninth day of December Wellbeing my wellbeing coach brought to me . . .

Nine noisy breaktimes! Noise can be loving, joyful, helpful or it can simply be too much at times.

What exactly is a noisy, busy state of mind?

Would it surprise you to know that you determine the level of your busyness and noise?

As Aaron Turner (One Thought) says

"Let’s break down the nuts and bolts of that insecure feeling" – whatever its label (busy, noisy, worry, lack, pressure, scared, grumpy etcetera).

It is merely the sum of the clutter or debris you are thinking of right now.

Regaining ease and peace

An uncluttered peaceful mind is our natural state. It is the absence of insecure thinking (or distraction away from it).

Knowing you have the potential for ease and peace at any time you wish, really dampens down the tired grumpy pressurised feelings teaching and other caring professions seem to experience.

But for your thinking – there’s nothing really in the way of feeling at ease, it is not the best kept secret that we all do too much thinking, and it makes sense not to add to this by analysing or trying to solve the cause.

Why not?



You are the thinker . YOU ARE NOT THE THOUGHT. Thought fluctuates, it is the variable. You are the constant in any given emotional scenario. That is a game changer for me. Understanding that my thoughts are transient (unless I ruminate) and I can choose to experience them, or let them flow on through.

Here is a 5 minute explanation from Aaron Turner, he talks about how this ruminating can impact our sleep and work!


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