On the Eighth Day of December Wellbeing my coach said to me . . .

When we have very little on our mind we can do anything!

Approaching the next few weeks can be like a worn out battle or a walk in the deer park (like the toddler in the Gif).

I think. You think. It is how we all navigate: timetables; trains; our working day; a motorway journey; how to get through something emotional. When we are tired, grumpy, needing a rest WE CANNOT trust out thinking - we are in survival or 'me me me' ego mode. It is a natural response to perceived danger (a lost costume for the play; a main character and all the choir down with a bug can heighten most teacher's fears) versus an understanding of ourselves.

I believe that we are far more spiritual by nature, more than our mind - Stephen Hawkins was remembered for who he was, his courage and bravery, far more than his mind. Our brain, and our intelligence function by input. Even the fight flight response is triggered by thought (perceived fear triggers the protein sheath around a chromosome to open and release a hormone response - adrenalin).

Who is the one who is inputting? Who is the thinker? Who is the ONE thinking?

Anni Poole

Wellbeing Coach and Warrior


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