On the SEVENTH Day of December Wellbeing . . .

My Wellbeing Coach brought to me, Seven Shepherds Grinning.

Moods and Madness! Shepherds and gladness!

Managing the feeling of wanting to run away or kick a cushion, can overtake our normal sensible way of being . Losing costumes, children being silly during rehearsals, overrunning or peaking too soon can ruminate in our heads. Ordinary folk, our colleagues, turn into deadly demons in one sentence:

“Who ate the last biscuit?” Or, “Can you shepherds stop smiling at once!”

Are we acting as we usually do, or are we heaving and pushing ourselves over the line?

I know when the ordinary working day suddenly becomes squished and full of extra ‘must do these’ items on my list, time seems to drizzle away, and it feels as though someone is pumping up the pressure inside my brain. So often on twitter I read about people who may even begin to experience panic or numbness. As a result, our heads go down and we :

  1. Push through.

  2. Distance ourselves.

  3. Work more.

  4. Eat, drink and avoid.

Managing a good balance between home and work, is about gaining perspective, or clearer thinking. How do I know?

Let me share a true story to illustrate what I mean This time last year, I was writing my book, completing a mental health qualification, managing a business and supporting a family member 24/7. I knew I had lost perspective on feeling OK and I felt as though I was fighting the tide of overwhelm.

The first sign is when my desk becomes completely lost and littered with papers. It looks as though the paratroopers have landed and searched through everything!

As I opened my laptop. I noticed my emails had 3-4 invites to different social events.

My immediate reaction was to turn them down.

How could I possibly fit them in?

How would I complete my book in time for the first edit?

How would I fit in my 8 hours of study AND have a life?

That sense of ‘got to get it done !’ can be so overwhelming.

Being totally work driven occurs when we are having thoughts that compete for time and we search to compromise and reduce the impact. Nothing is gained and there are not many wins.

It is really great that we begin to understand our own mind state.

I notice that my Friday afternoon journey home seems more agreeable than my cold dark Monday morning one. I also notice that my holiday thinking appears to be more open to ideas than my tired 2/3rds through the term perspective.

A disproportionally balanced work life usually happens when we have many things on our deadline list, or our workload builds up and we lose perspective. We become tired, moody, worried, and this in turn increases any personal anxieties . Our lack of time perspective thoughts escalate.

Getting the most out of our best resource – our mind

At our best we are capable, creative and in the flow.

The GOOD NEWS is that you DO NOT need to process, analyse or ruminate the facts. In fact, that usually makes a situation untenable.

WE are at our best when we are not overthinking.

This is not always recognised.

Fulfilling your greatest potential is allowing your mind to shift into neutral, by taking a break, or going for coffee, accepting invites.


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