On the Sixth Day of December Wellbeing

Six teacups brimming!

Making THE staffroom/ office a haven.

Slowing down to NOW aka having a clear mind.

In the words of Barb Patterson, a global coach and trainer:

“It is easy to underestimate the power of the present moment.

We misunderstand and think good feelings and well-being are at the end of the list or the workday or the shopping.

What if it's right here and now?

In our day-to-day lives, we often miss the small opportunities to enjoy what is present. To enjoy the common ordinary moments that make up our lives.”

Looking for the ordinary

When life becomes so busy in the next few weeks, with deadlines or fairs, concerts, plays and dark days, create a staff helper’s rota for each day. (Silly hats or badges can make it fun- but keep it optional!)

People volunteer to make sure kettles are hot, tea bag containers are full, coffee options are laid out and juices are on hand. Milk is plentiful, snacks are topped up, staff caring for each other in small ordinary ways.

All staff then stay hydrated and are offered fruit or chocolate to keep them going. Breaks are often, wet playtimes are adequately covered, directors/senior leaders always on hand to ensure peace in ‘the valley’ and rules are keenly kept. Leaving staff free to manage the seemingly long days. With the tea and coffee cups brimming, and the dishwasher kept busy – harmony remains. I am sure @PaulGarvey4 would agree here!

Your wellbeing tips

At such a busy time it is easy for tiredness and moods to sneak along and this can so easily amount to further stress. In the build up to the holiday try to recognise a ‘Moment of YOUR NOW’ every day. Being grateful for you, or for a helpful colleague slows down those emotional thoughts.

If your office or school does not yet provide a quiet space to unwind, a haven of quiet, use a brisk walk outside, take in the sky – the noises any nature you can see. Create quiet time for your colleagues too.

We had five minutes with tea and peace at the end of a staff briefing. Turning off electric lights and being silent, again this was optional.

You can also do this with pupils – no need for music, have a candle per table group (battery powered) and focus on it. Children can rest on their arms on the table- top. Perfect after a frantic break.

Slow life down and enjoy your moment, here is a talk about being present from my past Simply Being Conference.

Dr Judy Sedgeman describes being present or in the NOW, as having a free and clear mind . . .


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