On the Fifth Day of December Wellbeing . . .

My Wellbeing Coach brought to me FIVE PUDDLE SPLASHES.

Finding the joy and the ease in our life right NOW.

Last week someone posted a group of 10-11 year olds jumping into a puddle together, it was as light and as fun as the bike in the puddle above. Fun adds great perspective to our adult view of life.

I was coaching in a school somewhere around the M60 this week and I had lunch with some children. I noticed a teacher on duty nodding rapidly toward a child with many needs. This child then carefully threw her screwed up foil wrapper, backwards. It landed straight into the waste paper basket! My jaw dropped as the whole dining hall clapped. The child beamed a smile wider than the walls!

At this point I was thinking health and safety (I know . . . ).

What I did not know was the following:

1. The wellbeing ambassadors set up a lunchtime challenge for their pupils, with the teacher's support. Today it was the basketball challenge.

2. The child wanted to be a basket ball champion from her wheelchair.

3. There were 6 basket catchers to make sure that child's tin foil wrap scored a basket.

What you might call a score for that school. What would a score for you be?

Ambiguity reigns at this time of year, change is constant yet again, and as Eve Poole (Leadership- Smithing) says, we seem to be "surfing the panic". Eve also says:

"When we feel that something is forced upon us it is all about the kairos (Greek for timing)."

This is when knowing yourself, facing facts and being honest with yourself can keep you sane. Uncertainty can bring REACTIONS immediately to the fore.

Wellbeing tip derived from Lauren Bacon's Balance Matrix

Using a very simple matrix like the one below, map out where your motivation lies and be aware of your resistance. Understanding your own reactions allows you to gain perspective and lets your creativity play.


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