On the Fourth Day of December Wellbeing . . .

My Wellbeing Coach brought to me, 'Four Calling Carols'. Let's sing out loud today and sing from our heart! It melts away any uncomfortable feelings. Here's some music composed by Cheryl Camm @seapieparcel

Understanding when your thinking is not in the place you quite want it to be, and you can feel that push and pull, that resistance., it is your own making. We have the power to create resistance and to create hope in equal measures.

All experience comes from within us. And when we see this and are not judging ourselves too harshly (I am useless, I am awful or rubbish; I should be more X I wish I was like Y). These feelings, emanating from our thinking, are not forever. There is somewhere inside of me. . . and inside of you that is always OK and whole. Even if we can't see it.

on this fourth day - take someone a coffee or sit with them. A common together place beyond words. If you can, sing with them.

I see hope in music in the care home where I volunteer, elders who have lost their everyday knowhow come to life with music. When there is music, the dementia falls away and the embodiment of community, the sense of togetherness becomes the defining moment - not the dementia.

Why not try looking in the direction of music?

It takes away that compelling feeling of needing to fix something or someone to suit us.

Sing your heart out! For years I led singing in assembly barely holding a tune, surrounded by tuneful students.

Music is a universal language and there are some brilliant songs around to cheer you up. If you are tired, try some gentle sounds from the media ( 3 tenors/ Andrea Bocelli/ the sound of water is always gentle and soothing.)

If you like to party, you can lead your class into the hall or in from break with a funky carol. I still remember leading staff into assembly to the tune of 'Walk like an Egyptian' when we were studying Egypt.

You can also play quiet carols for settling down time. Whatever the 'mood' in your place of work - or how you are experiencing your life today, know this truth.

Thought is transient - it is energy (although it sure feels heavy when it is unpleasant!)

Our feelings tell us about the quality of our own thinking in the moment, and sometimes our thinking is not in a place we want it to be . . .

Share your ideas - #FindtheFun

Create your own rap?

Dashing through the staffroom

With a headache and some tea

Marking all my books in time

Seems an impossibility!

Bells around school ring

Making lessons tight

Oh, what fun it is to teach

When its my 5th nativity tonight!

Teaching tells, teaching tells

Just how old you feel

And as you think you’re on a winner

Some person steals your tea!

Change the words to a jingle to suit a lesson, a list of class values, a way of behaving.

Have silent singing where you mime the words and guess which one it is!

Invite a musician into school to help you with ideas.

Start a song countdown in the staffroom!

Anni Poole The Wellbeing Coach and Warrior


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