On the Third Day of December Wellbeing . . .

My wellbeing coach brought to me THREE SUPPORTIVE FRIENDS

Why supportive friends?

The pressure of our thinking can cause life to feel quite empty, and lonely or overly full. THE EXTREME FEELINGS occur when we are out of sorts and focus on everything to do and we pile on our own thoughts and pressure. Teaching can appear to be the cause of pressure and it certainly appear to be a lonely job. TIME seems to run away, with planning, marking and managing your own home life, the days can tick away so quickly. Monday through to the next Sunday merges into one long working episode in the short winter days.

When we are tired we are more reactive or resistant to people or events we do not really like. The cost of this drudgery feeling is often a sense of drained energy, of feeling under par.

Alert, alert! Tiredness can sneak up on anyone of us if we don’t have any fresh air or breaks away from our roles. In fact, several teachers tweeted about their tiredness last week. Tiredness distorts our capabilities to see things clearly and we make mistakes, take things to heart or feel that life is running away with us.

What can we do?

Our friends are usually very good at reminding us when we are overworking.

ASK THEM TO BE YOUR FRESH AIR FRIEND! SERIOUSLY - this could mean your immune system feels the boost of wellness

This can be a walk around the school perimeter, to the local shops.

It can be a rain or frost walk, under the early evening stars walk - a talk n walk!

The 12 days of wellbeing tip. Go outside at least once per day, even if it is dark.

(Taking the rubbish out or letting the car window down doesn’t count!).

Stepping outside and taking a walk is really valuing yourself, making time for you - you matter , ask your friend!

Don't work longer in the dark. Look out for each other and encourage leaving school well before 5 O'clock.

Anni Poole Wellbeing Coach and Warrior


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