Answering your WHY. Why do I sometimes feel such dread and fear ?

Five Key Ways to rediscover your best and easiest life.

  • Would you like to:

  • 1. bring a fresh sense of hope?

  • And . . .

  • 2. a change in unhappy habits or routines that cause a sense of dread?

Weathering the WHAT IF dreads - like weathering any storm, means understanding the impact of that storm or weather pattern. And understanding how to manage it. This is about understanding YOU.

At some time before returning to everyday routines in our lives, at home or work, our once ‘relaxed’ minds begin to speed up again. Time feels as though it is running out, perhaps you experience a sense of dread?

Given our human habits and our constant need to use our intellect, we are often in the business of creating a great deal of thinking! Especially as teachers, working wholly with our intellect. Wholly inside our brain. As the brain is an input output machine, it operates on what we decide it should.

We mostly experience a flow of thinking, like clear traffic flow. OR at this post- holiday stage as a build- up of irritable, incessant, busy noise in our head. Again, using the road metaphor, a traffic jam.

If the thinking we are building up is a little nerve wracking it can easily manifest as insecure thinking, worry, anxiety- all the what if questions hurdle to the fore of our teacher thinking traffic queue.

All of it going AROUND and AROUND inside our heads. So much so, that we can’t think clearly. Time appears to speed up and our anxieties build up even further. N O W what?

Intellect (brain input output) 1 vs Wellbeing (choosing to be you) 0.1

In any space of insecure or over thinking, we are not at our greatest! Our sense of awareness and our mental resources seem inaccessible. The more we ‘push’ to come out of this space, the harder and more treacle – like it feels.

DO YOU EVER WONDER how do we begin to regain clarity from a head full worrisome nagging space?

5 key ways of understanding the mechanisms of our mind

The First Key.

Seeing is believing. What DO you believe in?

When we are born, we begin to experience life and think in experiences. Hunger, pain, love, fear. What we don’t realise at this early point, is the consequence of our behaviour or reactions upon those around us. And why would we as a new-born? We are also beginning to form belief systems taught to us by our carers. This influences our perception of life.

As we continue to grow and begin to form our opinions, created by the intellect, we use them out loud, exploring peer opinions, sensing comfort in agreement and discomfort in disagreement. Or, worse still, sensing ridicule and shame.

Experiences are like small treasures, sometimes amazing us as we forage for them and tugging at something deeper within us creating beautiful memories for life.

Can you think of a beautiful memory right now? Or the face of a baby or child? What happens as you think here?

We only see what we understand in this moment. We don’t fully see our own impact, particularly on ourselves.

The early Inca people did not see their Spanish invaders as they looked out to sea. They were beyond their belief, even though they were real.

Key Two. Understanding our Natural Warning System

Most human discomfort begins by noticing our feelings, feelings of resistance.

Our bodies are designed to have feelings as an early alarm system. Thank goodness! This system involves sensations, bodily feelings indicating what we are thinking. Feelings that illustrate joy, fun, hope or those that illustrate fears.

Like the rumble strip upon entering a sleepy village, telling us about our driving quality and the need to slow down, feelings tell us about the quality of our thinking.

(And that similar need to slow down!) When we think about something uncomfortable, something we might dread or fear, we feel this in plenty!

Most of the time we have neutral or unconditional thoughts - and we don’t pay much attention because we are in our ‘flow’

Key Three. Understanding our resistance versus being in the flow

However, the opposite to flow is resistance such as: I don’t want to, I don’t like this

I might be embarrassed here. That person has just judged me to be a failure

I can’t do this anymore. I don’t know a thing!

And the greater the focus on our resistance , discomfort, dis - ease, the greater the feeling and the bigger the fear.

“The achievement of mental stability & peace of mind is one thought away . . .”

Banks, Syd. The Missing Link

Fear triggers our bodies natural physiological response to feeling stressed and now we have physical symptoms. The good news here is that I am my own trigger! As are you.We trigger things through our perception, our thought.

Key Four. Understanding ME and how I operate!

ALL experience begins with my own perception and I filter this through my mind state.

I manufacture my OWN reality and how my life is day to day.

It is a world guided beautifully by limitless NOW thought, not imprisoned by the past, not constantly causing worry. about the future.

Unless I choose to focus here. On further worry. (Tune into our weekly podcasts for additional understanding.)

I don’t have to try to change me, or someone else, a circumstance, a job, or change my entire life. Knowing I am the thinker and I can create thought enables me to have an infinite potential for fresh thought constantly. Fresh thought enables me to let go and feel easier, to have less blame or be least defensive. WE shape our lives; it isn't our circumstances or another person.

"The greatest understanding humanly possible can create a deeper understanding of your own experiences . . . an understanding of your life, moment by moment through THOUGHT." p23

Silverdale Anni, Simply Being YOU

Key Five. The value of understanding and having ease

I don’t have to live in my thinking. Repeat.

I don’t have to live in my thinking.

Please read the above again, over and over. AND OVER

I can live in my life and notice my thinking; I don’t have to believe it! Thought is energy, it changes constantly, fluctuating throughout the day. We believe our thoughts, thinking they are real. However, thought is created, by us. That brought such amazing EASE into my life.

We can choose what to think and feel. We don't have the same thoughts as we did when younger.

When we feel OK, this is our default setting, our true nature.

Or we can feel insecure, judgemental, worried, anxious. We all experience a vast array of emotions and our thinking constantly fluctuates.

Our natural state of mind is like a continuum.

At one end is love/ health and at the other is fear/ unhealthy. With a myriad of experiences in between. We are NOT our circumstances. We know this intuitively.

It’s my choice to live from a place of ease. And when my thinking changes, I know how to wait for my mind to settle.

I take a space to reflect, a small step into nature, a garden, a park.

OR . . .

I notice something small, a ladybird climbing a leaf, a bird, an ant, a child totally absorbed in play. The day’s weather. The paint on the door, the view from a window. It allows my thought to slow down and I become more aware, more receptive, MORE NOW.

All the above ideas cause a chink in the thought-built resistance feelings, creating space for new opportunity. New thought.

It really is that simple.

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Author. Simply Being YOU

Anni Silverdale


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