The Melting Pot of Well Being


"The achievement of mental stability and peace of mind is one thought away from everyone on earth ... if you can find that one thought"

Syd Banks The Missing Link

Why is well being SO important to all of us? Answer- it is the engine of our performance, from smiling, to creating, to accessing our mental wealth ... driving our best teaching.

Have you noticed how well being has reinvented itself lately? There are so many more approaches to this subject, tool kits and certification, encouraging us to try the next brand-new model. Or maybe your boss or someone tells you about the model and asks you to do something (yoga, head massage, line dancing) and it doesn't feel comfortable?

Practices, models and tool kits help sometimes - if we choose them ourselves, less so if they are given to us. Or we feel that we cannot find enough time to use them because we are feeling tired and stressed. This blog points you back towards your inner well being, from wherever your starting place might be.

FEELING OK? Or perhaps feeling OVERWHELMED?

It's a new term and perhaps you are feeling ok? Then this blog will share how to be in that neutral space as often as possible. And ... if you are experiencing some anxiousness or speeding up of time, overwhelm or less hope ... this blog will support you and illustrate what the main cause is.

WHAT MATTERS TO YOU COUNTS more than you think.When were you last inspired by something or someone? You feel invincible in that moment, creative and light, able to solve anything.

How do you stay 99.9% in that place ?

How do you find new energy less stress?

How do you find time?

Answer ...

You make sure you have access to all your mental resources through understanding just how you tick, understanding- not analysing! No analysis needed,it is far simpler than that.

Where to begin?

Here, in this moment, right now, with you!


We ALL live, yes really live, in the feeling of our thinking moment to moment. We CREATE our own mind state from that thinking. Inside out.

We are all striving for greater ease in our lives, more peace, less worry and a very OK place to live from. This is yours to discover, here in this article.

We begin by understanding how we operate in the moment. State of mind is created with our own thought flowing through- around 80 000 a day in fact! Thought impacts everything we do. Our reaction to our thinking defines how we deal with life, it defines our capability, clarity, creativity and our feeling state in the moment.

When we have clarity, or allow thought to pass through, we can see solutions to our concerns, and have a wider view of life, as if from a helicopter or tower. We are present and helpful, and we interact with others in a useful way. We feel good because we are accessing our own well being. We are at our most creative too!

When we have a low state of mind, it seems as if we cannot see beyond it. It feels heavy and hopeless, tiring and disheartening.

State of mind is invisible, it is made of energy,created through our thought. Most of us do not know this, and we attribute our suffering to something external. Our job, our partner, or the weather! NONE of which we can control. We imagine we are the victim of external circumstances ... WE AREN'T!

The true compass or pointer for us, is actually our feeling state created by OUR thinking.

We live in the feeling of our thinking moment to moment. WE ALL think differently and yet unless we understand this, we suppose we think in exactly the same way as each other.

As our thoughts change, so does our feeling state.We cannot see our thoughts, we have to sense them through feelings. We ALL fluctuate in our thinking, up and down, every human on this earth does. The only variable between feeling fine and feeling dreadful etc, is one THOUGHT. We can find that new thought or wisdom when we have less on our mind - new solutions and ideas pop up whilst we are driving or sharing a moment in the garden, or someone we care for is really listening to us.

Understanding this hidden variable (the thought feeling connection) illustrates the cause of your performance, your relationships, or how you react. Knowing this really supports your well being.


Because you realise that the cause of any uneasiness, or of anything deeply emotional, fearful or anxious - comes from your OWN mind state or thought. AND NOWHERE ELSE. That knowing is a gift. (Read, ONE Thought Changes Everything. Mara Gleason.)

For example, a while ago, I coached an education worker who was thinking about leaving the profession. He was in a seriously low mind state, physically ill and mentally very stressed, overwhelmed and having panic attacks. He could not face work or his life. From this place he was making really poor decisions because he did not have access to his own mental resources or well being. His head was full of anxious thinking, seemingly always speeding up. It took just one session to point him back to that space, simply by listening, not having any outcome - like fixing, nor judging him in any way. We sat in silence for a while and that allowed him to experience a slowing down and his seeing a fresh glimmer of new hope.

Once, whilst coaching 11-12 year olds, one young person had so many real needs he often ran away from his own fears. He was stuck in 'I am bored' thinking. He said "I am bored" to everything and raised laughter among his peers, initially.We called it sprout thinking. He liked that! Being bored was his defence mechanism, he imagined it protected him against his chaotic home life. Within one 45 minute session, he forgot to be bored and joined in, learning how to listen without judging and through lots of real life role play in class, he learned how others cannot make you feel anything you do not choose. When it came to the end of year, the head - with tears in her eyes, told me he hadn't run away from school at all, since learning about his mindset. The power of understanding!

Human to human connection, listening without anything on your mind is the greatest gift we can give or receive. We can share it or be very present to ourselves.

Understanding of state of mind, is seeing and understanding THOUGHT as the hidden variable that determines how we face our challenges. (See Syd Banks The Missing Link) How do we interact with overwork?

For further information and blogging see (Time, Overworked and Overwhelm, Listening for Well Being, A Barometer for Resiliency, Bereavement and you.)

Curious to know more about coaching for well being? Here is a brief 5 minute introduction about the possibility of a conversation for you.

Finally, if you're looking for whole school well being?

Coaching for Schools

HLS offers a choice of well being in schools to suit the people present. Although the teaching is simply gaining an understanding of well being, it blends in with your vision, culture, and the caring philosophy (or not) of your school. We all have different starting points, though we all arrive at the same clear destination. In the early years, when I walked the well being path almost alone, I trained in London,LA and New York with world renowned coaches and doctors. I now have many guides and companions on this path and continue to gather a tribe. YES! That is truly well being in action. The key is having an understanding of YOUR own well being and then you have greater access to your mental resources, wisdom and creativity. From there you support others to do the same. For a whole school well being strategy plan or ideas of how to start whole school well being please contact me via the website.

I wish you peace and hope, and of living a life of understanding that your own wellness is always present. @AnniPoole


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