Dear Twitter Community

  I have only one message for today and that is for you to keep life simple. 

Look beyond your normal everyday life and habits to notice the small miracles all around you.

Look for the friendship

Look for the hope in things

Look for the love


   Eleven Leaping Listeners! 

Have you ever tried to listen and do other things at the same time? Maybe you are listening to learn, trying to save time? Perhaps listening to catch someone out, to prove something? Are you listening and going through the motion because you are too busy? Too frantic? Too busy t...

    Nine noisy breaktimes!  Noise can be loving, joyful, helpful or it can simply be too much at times.

What exactly is a noisy,  busy state of mind?

Would it surprise you to know that you determine the level of your busyness and noise?

As Aaron Turner (One Thought) says

"Let’s break down the nuts and bolts of that in...

My Wellbeing Coach brought to me, Seven Shepherds Grinning.

  Moods and Madness!   Shepherds and gladness!

Managing the feeling of wanting to run away or kick a cushion, can overtake our normal sensible way of being . Losing costumes, children being silly during rehearsals, overrunning or peaking too soon can rumina...

My Wellbeing Coach brought to me, 'Four Calling Carols'. Let's sing out loud today and sing from our heart! It melts away any uncomfortable feelings. Here's some music composed by Cheryl Camm @seapieparcel

Understanding when your thinking is not in the place you quite want it to be, and you c...

 Two cracking shoves!

Have you noticed how fractious behaviour becomes at this time of year? Children falling out, everyone blaming and moaning. Cracks appear in staffroom conversations too!

Often, we adults respond differently to the dark days of winter and additional changes happening around us – even if we don’t celeb...

On The First Day of December, my wellbeing coach brought to me . . . A person who can't see the wood for the trees!

Managing the feeling of overwhelm, or of not being able to see the wood for the trees can be seriously impactful in our role . None of us enjoy the sensation of not feeling our best. What exactly causes t...


Do you want TO SAIL THROUGH  the shortest darkest days of December? Do you feel energetic or tired from the seemingly long work hours, the restless sleep or the hype of the season? 

 I bring you 12 days of wellbeing simple easy tips right into your thinking, just for you! (And any friends you wish to share them...

Let me illustrate to you a peaceful way of being? A sense of inner stillness that is always there no matter your circumstance. You just can't seem to find it? Often when in this situation feels insurmountable, tricky, slippery or totally overwhelming. You might feel lost, unable to organise yourself - or maybe even hop...





This dual perspective is experienced by of most of humanity. 

It is not how we were designed to experience this life.

How do I know?

Each of us has had that experience -  that instant sense of falling in love.


Then it disappears again. And we might think that t...

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