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Our natural human flow is one of unconditional neutrality, or in lay terms of being OK. This feels loving, balanced, it is simply being who we are .

This is our true nature from the minute we are born.
A way of being that just ‘is’.

Some of us may have experienced this space inside - it feels peaceful, free of worry.


December 29, 2019

#DGmeet #WomenEd #Pledgeforchange20

Standing to face each new dawn – the rise of authenticity

for every woman.

As women or as #heforshe supporters, I am pledging my support for the celebration of authenticity in our lives.

It's more than OK to be wholly ME!

I have had three major setbacks in my career. The first was having...

 Dear Twitter Community

  I have only one message for today and that is for you to keep life simple. 

Look beyond your normal everyday life and habits to notice the small miracles all around you.

Look for the friendship

Look for the hope in things

Look for the love


   Eleven Leaping Listeners! 

Have you ever tried to listen and do other things at the same time? Maybe you are listening to learn, trying to save time? Perhaps listening to catch someone out, to prove something? Are you listening and going through the motion because you are too busy? Too frantic? Too busy t...

December 10, 2019


10 Gingerbread Lattes

When all the effort you can muster is going into drinking coffee to remain alert, and you have little energy left to respond to the niceties in life, it really is time to step away.

At this point, as I shared yesterday, there is no need to analyse anything – or to go over and over something that is...

    Nine noisy breaktimes!  Noise can be loving, joyful, helpful or it can simply be too much at times.

What exactly is a noisy,  busy state of mind?

Would it surprise you to know that you determine the level of your busyness and noise?

As Aaron Turner (One Thought) says

"Let’s break down the nuts and bolts of that in...

December 8, 2019

When we have very little on our mind we can do anything!

Approaching the next few weeks can be like a worn out battle or a walk in the deer park (like the toddler in the Gif).

I think. You think. It is how we all navigate: timetables; trains; our working day; a motorway journey; how to get through something emotional. Wh...

My Wellbeing Coach brought to me, Seven Shepherds Grinning.

  Moods and Madness!   Shepherds and gladness!

Managing the feeling of wanting to run away or kick a cushion, can overtake our normal sensible way of being . Losing costumes, children being silly during rehearsals, overrunning or peaking too soon can rumina...

December 6, 2019

Six teacups brimming!

Making THE staffroom/ office a haven.

Slowing down to NOW aka having a clear mind.

In the words of Barb Patterson, a global coach and trainer:

“It is easy to underestimate the power of the present moment.

We misunderstand and think good feelings and well-being are at the end of the list or the workday...

December 5, 2019

 My Wellbeing Coach brought to me FIVE PUDDLE SPLASHES. 

Finding the joy and the ease in our life right NOW.

Last week someone posted a group of 10-11 year olds jumping into a puddle together, it was as light and as fun as the bike in the puddle above. Fun adds great perspective to our adult view of life.

I was coach...

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