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September 10, 2019

Firstly, overwhelm is not caused by something external to you.

Secondly, the common thread

is you and your thinking is fluctuating and transient.

Thirdly, what have you grown to believe about worry and anxiety and how the body lets you know your thinking is often focusing away from love, joy, passion for what you love to...





This dual perspective is experienced by of most of humanity. 

It is not how we were designed to experience this life.

How do I know?

Each of us has had that experience -  that instant sense of falling in love.


Then it disappears again. And we might think that t...

Five Key Ways to rediscover your best and easiest life.

  • Would you like to:

  • 1. bring a fresh sense of hope?

  • And . . .

  • 2. a change in unhappy habits or routines that cause a sense of dread?

Weathering the WHAT IF dreads - like weathering any storm, means understanding the impact of that storm o...

Which emotion is a best fit for you as your consider your return to school? Is it an emotion you feel good or OK about? Or not?

Here are some simple facts to support you.

  1. 1 We are the thinkers - the creators of our own thought. Though we ARE NOT our thinking. We are greater than this.

  2. 2 We can't see though...

When children and youth are coping with grief, it may take longer than you think. When someone you love dies, you live with the pain and loss, memories are so important, especially on Mother's Day coming up, birthday's father's Day and anniversaries.

Sudden death in a school community

This blog serves two purposes, to su...

I am often asked for help with specific worries about teens and young adults and the insecurities they feel deeply. I hope this article will go some way towards supporting an understanding of what might be happening for them. I hope to  inspire you to use your own understanding and begin by sharing some case studies, h...

The greatest teacher you could possibly have is a child aged around 3-4 years old. They are born leaders living and playing in the moment.

Why the greatest teacher?

They are the MOST authentic beings on the planet. Young babies and children can simply 'be' with success or failure. They, along with informed high class at...

As you step once more into the coming half term and thoughts flood in, the space and freedom you loved during half term seems to disappear. 

You may be feeling overwhelmed?

Take heart.

Remind yourself that you are not just a doing working creature - you are a person who loves

every day in the same way as you love your holi...

An imposed idea of well being removes the complete freedom to explore what it feels like to us individually. It is not a thing to attain or achieve - we were all born with well being.

Well being is innate, and about becoming the best version of yourself.

Well being has infinite perceptions and many roads to discover how...

November 19, 2018

I am pleased to announce I will be taking a workshop on the road this week attending the leadership of School Mental Health and Wellbeing annual conference.

You can find out more here ; https://bit.ly/2MJ90G3 , or signup to HLS today and access the forum later on in the week for updates

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Leadership of School Mental Health and Wellbeing – Annual Conference

November 19, 2018

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